Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlas Messenger and an AtlasCare Card?

Atlas Messenger is a messaging application used to communicate with care recipients, caregivers and care providers with the use of the AtlasCare Card. The AtlasCare Card is a card with a personal QR Code and embedded NFC chip containing general medical information and contact information of a care recipient, their caregiver and primary care physician.

Who is the app and card for?

Atlas Messenger is for care recipients and caregivers to recieve messages when the AtlasCare Card is scanned and a chat is created. The AtlasCare Card is held by the care recipient to provide as needed.

How does the AtlasCare Card work?

Once the AtlasCare Card arrives in the mail, the care recipient or caregiver will register the card within Atlas Messenger. Once registered, the AtlasCare Card can be scanned using any QR Scanner app or using the Camera within Atlas Messenger to view the care recipient's general medical information or contact their caregiver or primary care physician. Smartphones with NFC reading technology will be able to hover their smartphone over the NFC chip instead of scanning the QR Code.

How much does it cost?

The Atlas Messenger app is free to download from the App Store and use. The AtlasCare Card is a one-time charge of $1.99 (free shipping + handling) to cover the cost of the printing.

Where can I get an AtlasCare card?

The AtlasCare Card is currently available for purchase on our website here.

Would if I have an Android phone?

We are currently in the process of releasing Atlas Messenger on the Android platform. Currently, the AtlasCare Card can only be registered via the Atlas Messenger app available on the Apple App Store.

How can I recieve more information?

Email us directly at and we will get back to you shortly.